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Our Services

At Marathon Wealth, we develop a cohesive, comprehensive strategy to balance all aspects of your financial life, providing you a clear path forward while giving you the knowledge and resources to be successful. 

Serving Clients From Coast-To-Coast, with Offices in Colorado Springs, CO and Raleigh, NC

Financial Planning

Together, we'll follow a 4-step process, first reviewing and summarizing your current financial life. We'll identify, clarify, and prioritize your goals so that we know where we are heading. We will analyze your situation to identify gaps and inefficiencies, providing you with a detailed, specific and customized action plan to help accomplish your goals. 

Investment Management

For those looking to delete the ongoing management of their portfolio, we offer investment solutions tailored to each client's specific situation and objectives.

Investment Advice

If you like to remain hands-on with your investments or you're looking for a second opinion, we can review your portfolio and provide feedback on your strategy, allocation and investment selection. 

Ways We Can Work Together